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    Not sure which speed is right for you? This is what the different line speeds can handle comfortably:

    40 Mbps
    • Multiple users 4K Streaming
    • 4K video publishing
    • 4K online gaming
    • HD Video/Voice Calling
    KSH 5499 /mo
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    30 Mbps
    • Multiple users
    • HD Streaming
    • Active browsing
    • Online Gaming (HD Video)
    KSH 4499 /mo
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    20 Mbps
    • Multiple users
    • Live Online HD Streaming
    • HD video downloads
    • Online Gaming(Multiple Devices)
    KSH 2999 /mo
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    10 Mbps
    • Fast Downloads
    • Casual Video Streaming
    • Remote work or research
    • Online Gaming (2 Devices)
    KSH 2499 /mo
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    5 Mbps
    • Fast Downloads
    • Basic internet usage
    • Standard-quality streaming
    • Online Gaming (Occasional Lag)
    KSH 1999 /mo
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    *All equipment provided by IFS are provided for the duration of your use of service therefore the router still remains the property of ICON Fiber Solutions LIMITED.

    Our Cooperate Rates

    Unlike regular broadband service, your business doesn't have to compete with other subscribers for bandwidth. That means you can enjoy upload speeds that are just as a fast as download speeds, no matter the time of day. At ICON Fiber Solutions, we guarantee internet service that gives that peace of mind, scalability, improved collaboration and performance SLAs. If the above represents a good value proposition, kindly contact us via 0111 039000 or send your request for service to [email protected]

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